Millbrook Fields Farm

A small farm in beautiful West Boxford, MA

In 2004 we decided to start Millbrook Fields Farm on the land of the former Chadwick Farm in West Boxford.  The Town of Boxford acquired this beautiful 11.5 acre parcel in the year 2000 and we had leased the land for our Belted Galloway farm.   The land borders our property on 642 Main Street in West Boxford, MA.  Our decorative cows now graze over 40 acres in Boxford and neighboring communities.

Our objectives were:

  • Conservation of an Important Livestock Breed – to contribute to the restoration and development of an heritage livestock breed that can play an important role in offering a natural, healthy and diverse agricultural food supply
  • Better Stewardship of the Land – to practice organic farming with no or minimal tillage
  • Maintaining Agricultural Character of Boxford – Boxford used to have active diverse agriculture – we would bring commercial livestock farming back to Boxford
  • Community Involvement – to welcome visitors and organize events to educate the community about what we do and why

We are grateful to the Town of Boxford and its residents for giving us the opportunity to farm these properties.

Drone flight over wintery farm